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Sunday, February 14, 2010

New bracelet style

This past weekend was relatively quiet creatively speaking, as we usually spend most of our weekend time skiing as a family, but I did produce two new pieces and make another sale. Sales seem to be picking up lately - 1 sale per week for the past 3 weeks - but the shop is still an endeavor of love at this point.

Tomorrow I'll be listing a pair of dangle earrings of smoky quartz and sterling, similar to others I've made before,
except these stones aren't faceted, and are amazingly smooth and clear.

I've also been working on a new bracelet style for awhile now. I've been thinking and planning for a few weeks, and I finally bit the bullet and started wire wrapping it this weekend. All the beads are affixed, but I can't decide if I'll close it with a toggle and cut off the excess chain, or use a lobster clasp and put a nice sparkly charm on the end.

I call this my "Tartan Bracelet", and my inspiration is the beautiful mohair Nova Scotia tartan throw that we received from my husband's godmother for our wedding.

The blanket sits on our bed in the wintertime, and is dominated by a beautiful, vibrant cobalt blue that is a perfect match for the Swarovski capri blue color. The pattern of the beads mimics the pattern of the weave and I was able to get a pretty good match for all the colors. If it generates interest, I'll probably do a red-based tartan next. Today was horrible for taking pictures, so tomorrow I'll hopefully be able to finish off the clasp, take better pictures, and list both the earrings and the bracelet.

I've also spent the past several days picking and arranging items for a treasury. I finalized my picks last night and was hoping to snag a spot today, but no such luck. Hopefully I'll be able to watch the clock a bit better tomorrow and be able to post it in time since the treasuries seem to generate alot of interest for the team and for the shops.

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