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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The power of treasuries

I have been lucky enough since joining the OhCanada! Etsy team to have my work featured in two treasuries, but until today, had not been able to grab a spot for creating my own treasury. But this morning I was lucky! I had been preparing over the weekend with a Word doc. and links, so I was ready to go. Here's my first attempt at being a curator:

I have no idea how these things normally go, but my treasury has gotten lots of comments, my shop has more hearts, and I sold another bracelet. So, all in all, a good thing!

As I mentioned, one of my pieces was also featured in a treasury curated by a fellow team member, soapstarcanada. It combines beautiful caramels and warm peachy apricots, and makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside. Here it is:

With this post, I am also adding the widget which will link this blog with the team's main blog page. I am planning to step up the level of my blogging (soon!) to be deserving of potentially higher traffic!

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