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Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring is coming!

Well, I can now say that I've finally gotten around to starting my "spring line". I call it that with the intention that you should start as you mean to go on. As in, I aspire to be a "real" designer (self supporting), and "real" designers have seasonal collections. Mine is going to feature spring colors, with a bit of a proviso (see below) as well as the butterflies that are in this bracelet:

that I just listed on Etsy this evening.

I find myself continually influenced by the weather, it affects not just my mood, but what I am inspired to create. I guess that's typical of those of us that live in the north. Although magazines and stores are featuring sunny brights and creamy pastels, I can't stop thinking of greys, muted blacks, and ice-like crystals. Which are all the colors that presently surround me in nature. (I'm trying to ignore the yellowish grass and dismal mud of last week!)

So, I suppose my "spring line" is going to be composed of two types of jewelry. A transitional period, marked by somewhat muted colors, and a more definite springlike period which will feature more traditional happy colors. I'm presently still in that transitional period, as evidinced by my recent creations.

(above) Labradorite and paua shell &(right) Petoskey & quartz.

Stay tuned for more butterflies, and a more cheerful color palette!

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The Art of Zen.......Crochet said...

Nice photos. I too find the seasons inspiring for my work.

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