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Saturday, March 20, 2010

New treasuries and some creations in the works

This is going to be a very image-heavy post. Not only do I have my own treasury to present, I also have two beautiful treasuries curated by two of my Oh Canada! teammates. There are actually more than two, but I feel I can only bombard you with so many treasuries at one time! I am so lucky to be a part of a very active team.

First off, my own soap-based treasury: "Kaleidoscope soap". If you want to know what inspired me, well, there are quite a few soapmakers on my Etsy team and they do beautiful work. But honestly, what girl doesn't like to be pampered every now and again? And I will confess, while I've never been big on make-up, I'm huge on soaps, shower gels, scrubs...if it's for the shower or bath, or if it requires a lovely terry robe and a timer...I'm in!

When I first started taking "notes" for this treasury I was astounded at how many soapmakers, and how many categories of soap, there are on Etsy. My goal here was to highlight items that are more natural and less chemical in nature, since that's the sort of thing I'd actually buy for myself. As well as to balance color, and to choose clear pictures.

I hope I succeeded, please take a look at my original poster sketch showing the 12 + 4 alternates:

I include the Poster Sketch because it's always so hard for me to choose who's going to be an alternate, and who's going to be in the main, 12-item, treasury. Also, maybe my math roots are showing, but the concept of 4x4 appeals to my senses much more than 3x4. I don't know, maybe I'm just's been said before ☺ But if you're interested in some really lovely soaps, please check out these Etsy sellers:

The Sitting Tree
Anderson Soap Company
Bazil Essentials
paintbox soapworks
Bovine Bubbles and Hogwash Ltd.
Bubble Tub
Homestead Herbals
Your Time Body Treats
wee essentials
Dress Green
Maple Creek Soapworks
Clover Hollow

In any case, here is the final product, it still has a few hours left in Etsy's Treasury West:

Now, on to bigger things. One of my teammates, Splurge curated a beautiful treasury - all beiges, honeys, and creams - that made it TO THE FRONT PAGE!!! This was an amazingly exciting event for her, the team, and everyone in the treasury. You can see a screenshot of it here from Craftcult:

Finally, I'd like to include this treasury by my friend chrisssmith22 from The Art of Zen...Crochet. Not only because she was kind enough to feature one of my bracelets, but because she's been waiting and waiting to get a treasury and it's her first one! Also, I'm maybe a little nostalgic since "Purple Rain" was the first R-rated movie I snuck into way back in 8th grade...I *think* I might be dating myself with that reference just a teensy bit, but those are happy memories.
Here it is:

And since it was just created, you can view it live here.

Creative juices
I've got a lot of packages set to arrive any day now, and a number of designs in the works, but I do have one that I've already started on to preview here. I've been interested in doing matching sets more and more lately, and also in working with bolder chain types and ribbon ties. So, this design combines all three of those. I'm not quite certain how it's going to end up, and I've been sitting here staring at four different types of ribbon for several hours now, but it's exciting to be doing something a little different. Here are two pictures of the necklace in progress.
You may wonder what type of rock this isn't, well, it is now, but it wasn't originally. It's fossilized sea creatures now in rock form. Most people call this "Fossil Coral", but I grew up calling it "Petoskey Stone". I'm outing myself here...even though I am a Canadian citizen and have lived here for many years now, I was born and raised in Michigan, and the petoskey stone is Michigan's state stone. It's a remnant, leftover from the last Ice Age. If you're interested, a short but informative Wiki article is located here.

As a child, summering on Lake Michigan's pristine beaches, I would search and search for an elusive petoskey stone - a veritable treasure in the eyes of a child. So this set is a nod to my Michigan heritage, my memories of the Big Lake, and my general love of rocks.

So, enjoy those treasuries, and happy rock hunting!


The Art of Zen.......Crochet said...

I really enjoyed your post. You have a natural flair for the written word. Thank you for the little write up on my first treasury. You've got some really great photos too.


Joanniel Creations said...

Great entry. I really enjoy reading your blog. Great pictures. :)

soapstar said...

i'm in love with that fossil stone ♥

wonderful reading, thankyou ☺

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