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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring has sprung
...or at least it's trying to. We have such a small little patch of dirty snow in our yard surrounded by yellowish grass and mud. It's coming, slowly but surely!

I've finally started creating in more springlike colors. Over the weekend I listed my peach-themed bracelet made out of moonstone, pearls, and Swarovski crystals. And today I listed an aquamarine bracelet in honor of March's birthstone. I will readily admit that my inspiration to finally begin creating "in color" may have a teensy bit to do with the appearance of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Though I also have a variety of pastel beads on order which are also very inspiring.

Exciting new Swarovski crystal colors
Perhaps this isn't the biggest news for everyone, but each season Swarovski introduces a few new colors and bead shapes. This year I'm especially excited about the new "Provence lavender" and "Fern green" crystal colors. I anticipate using both of these colors frequently in future creations. You can see both of them, as well as all the other new for 2011 items, at Artbeads' Blog for Beaders.

Assorted treasuries
The OhCanada! Team continues to produce treasuries featuring beautiful items by team members at an alarming rate, and here are two of the latest:
"Canada Eh?" by LeanneDesigns

and "Girly, Gorgeous" by SoapstarCanada

My industrious teammates are working hard at curating beautiful treasuries, and I very much enjoy seeing each and every one. I've been a bit lax about getting together items for another one, but am planning on trying to snag a treasury spot towards the weekend.

Treasury Tutorial
And finally, I thought I'd include a link to this excellent tutorial on how to do a screen capture of a treasury, edit it, and insert it into a blog. It's amazingly clear and helpful, and was created by Mortira from the OhCanada! Team, of The Sage's Cupboard.

That's all for now! Hope we see some crocuses soon!!!
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