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Friday, April 23, 2010

Busy teammates equals more lovely treasuries!

Well, my OhCanada teammates have been super-busy this week creating treasuries in the new T-East, as well as in the Main and T-West venues. Here's a an added bonus, they are all Canadian and all-team OhCanada!

"With Mom in Mind," by Chrisssmith22

"Everyday treasures," by sagescupboard

and "For Mom," by SimpleSundries

There's something vaguely thrilling about the whole virtual shopping aspect of creating treasuries, and the whole windowshopping experience of clicking through those made by others. If you haven't made one yet, you should try it, it's easier than you think. And if you're a shopper not a seller, you should check out the tresury lists. I never knew about them before I became a seller, but they're an amazing way to find new shops and get ideas for unique gifts.

Check out the Main Treasury
Treasury West, and Treasury East today!

And as an addendum to my original post, here are two more team treasuries that I forgot to include. That's how busy the OhCanada! Team has been lately!

"Art to go", by LizAnnasOnTheLake

"What I would like for Mother's Day", by OcealPearlJewellery

1 comment:

soapstar said...

a post to be treasured! love 'virtual' rummaging through the beautiful collections curated by fellow artisans ☺

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