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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The creative process

This post will be primarily about my creative journey when designing jewelry. I find that it's interesting to read about others' processes, so I thought I'd share a bit about what I've been working on as well as a few quandry-like situations.

I love bright colors. LOVE them. And I've always liked to wear things that are a little different than the mass-produced commercialized trends. So, whenever I see beads in an unusual color, or that exhibit unusual qualities, I buy them. Even if it's not me that's going to be wearing them. Several months ago now I bought these amazing magenta colored agate beads. Some were striped, and some were more uniform in color, but they all exhibited that gorgeous banding that agates are known for. I just needed these beads, though I had absolutely no idea what for.

Now, to be clear, I am not a pink kind of a girl. Never have been. But I do like bright colors, as I said, and I don't really consider fuchsia, or magenta, pink per se. In fact, over the years, it's become one of my favorite colors. I have three pairs of fuchsia shoes, one tweed coat, two blazers, and two purses. No, I'm still not disclosing how many pairs of shoes I own. So, I already had a variety of beads that fell into this color category. Yet my agates seemed too important and I didn't want to pair them with just any old thing.

I eventually decided that I would only use them in an all stone piece. No pearls, metal beads, or crystals to distract from their natural beauty. So, which other stones to use? I searched my fuchsia-red stone box, and my mauve-hot pink stone beads are organized by color, then type; and labelled. I know, I can be a little overly organized. It's a leftover trait from all those years of Montessori school. I pulled a few potential candidates and placed them in my metal lids (I like to use the metal cannisters from Lee Valley - very Canadian!) They're great for storage, and great for sorting as well. Some of the beads I'd pulled were gorgeous, but didn't quite *go* with my agates.

Finally, I settled on a mix of fuchsia chalcedony, and fuchsia jade. They provided a wider range of color, but all within the same family, so a range of shades really.
They also differed in size and shape, being slightly larger and teardrop shaped, and were faceted as opposed to the smooth, round agate beads. Once I got going, I knew this was the right choice. I finished the bracelet off with my newly acquired leaf and twig toggle and I'm extremely pleased with the result.

In the works
As for what's next...well, I've got these fluorite beads. That I've been saving. Fluorite is interesting in that the naturallly occuring stone can be clear, yellow, greenish, bluish, and both lavender and dark purple. Some pieces are more opaque than others, and some have both milky as well as transparent characteristics. Quite an inspiring stone to work with.

I've started to wire wrap them along with some peridot and both light and dark amethyst, but the bracelet looks a bit sparse. I'm going to have to add something else, but I'm not quite sure what. Pearls maybe? I have some light green Swarovski pearls that I have yet to use. I've also got quite a few "purplish" pearls (as my husband calls them). Those pictured here are respectively, iris, oil slick, and peacock. As sometimes happens, I'm just not quite sure what to do. Sometimes the beads "speak" to me, as they did with my fuchsia agates, and once my decision is made, there's no turning back. This time I'm feeling a bit more cautious and uncertain. I think I'll take the weekend and look for some inspiration, and then return to the project

A selection of treasuries

My Oh Canada! teammates have been busy with the treasuries again, in all three Etsy venues: Main, West, and East. I'm honored to have been included in the following and would like to share them here:

"Amour, Love, Liebe" by Khalliahdesign Unfortunately, I'm late in posting, and it's no longer active.

The following tresuries are still active, with clickable links:

"Chocolate and Lavender" by Aosta

"From the Sea" by Soapstarcanada

and "Treasures in Turquoise" by LeanneDesigns.

As always, I'm in awe of the talent of my remarkable teammates! And watch this space for my next! I'm planning on doing a feature on birthday gift shopping...the Etsy way!!! And, as a final thought, my Fuchsia chalcedony pendant necklace was chosen as the Friday Find for the Oh Canada! Team blog. Very exciting!


soapstar said...

great post, Molly! thank you for sharing your process, love the bright colours! ♥

Andrea said...

Great post!!! I love hearing how the creative process works for other people. And that is a stunning bracelet by the way...

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