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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Gardening is one of my absolute favorite pasttimes. This is a love I've inherited from my dad, and I've been gardening for almost my entire life. I used to follow my dad around, "helping", and before long he got me my own tools, and began to include me in the planning.

When I finally moved into a place that was gardening-friendly, I cannot tell you how excited I was. I must have started planning that first garden way back in December! Now, I should explain. I live in a big city, and one of the wonderfully unique architectural features here is that many homes have balconies. Not only are we lucky enough to have one both front and back, but they both have sun exposure for part of the day. None of my previous balcony gardens were nearly as nice as what I'm able to do here because they were all so shady. Here's some pictures of past years:

I usually combine store bought plants and seed packets with seedlings that I've grown indoors. I also harvest and save seeds from previous years in jars and envelopes. Usually, I grow herbs, strawberries, and veggies on the back since it's off the kitchen, and flowers in the front. This year I went with mainly red geraniums for the front for ease of care, and to harmonize with our neighbors - who were quicker to get their gardens going than I was this year! And I also chose a variety of ornamental grasses because they're so lovely, and make such soothing noises when they blow in the breeze. And being on the water we get a lot of breeze!

I've got a little helper this year (my son), and I let him choose the plants for the back. His favorite color is orange, so it wasn't surprising that he went for bright yellow and orange pansies. He even helped me plant them. Sort of. I will fully admit that our planting was done in two stages, with toddler helping, and without. Here's a picture of our back balcony, still in progress: The pansies that I'm hoping will root, yanked too quickly by eager little hands:
And our weapons - um - tools, of choice:

And a few pictures of our front balcony, also still a work in progress:

As you can see, this year's creation is much less extensive than previous years, but with an active little guy I just don't have enough time to devote to both, so I had to scale back a bit. We did, however, invest in some new lawn furniture since there are more of us to enjoy my garden this year!

In celebration of the beautiful warm weather and the joy of gardening, I've made a gardening treasury. Now, this isn't like some of the gardening-themed treasuries that have been curated on Etsy. This is a team treasury of items that I might use in my own gardening process, or in the wonderful summer of enjoyment afterwards.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Row 1:
Janson Pottery, Dalim, The Art of Zen...Crochet, Soapstarcanada
Row 2:
WooldeBeast,El Emporio, Khalliah Design, Collectique
Row 3:
Farren.Square, The Sage's Cupboard, Refind Vintage, pondhopper studio
Row 4:
willowblacklab, HeatherLairDesigns, Maple Creek Soapworks, knotted nest

So, you're probably wondering what made me think "gardening" when you gaze at this disparate group of items. I promise, there's a thread linking all these beautiful finds together.

First off, what gardener doesn't need a beautiful vase like this one from Janson Pottery to display the fruits of their labor? Next, what lover of flowers wouldn't like to wear such lovely flower-inspired jewelry such as that made by Dalim and Khalliah Design? And I'll have to say, my very next Etsy purchase is going to be this great head scarf from The Art of Zen...Crochet. My hair is so flyaway, and it's forever in my face when I'm doing something like gardening or cleaning. And this scarf is both functional AND attractive!

And what garden treasury would be complete without some bath and body items. I had to include Soapstarcanada's "Lawn and Order", how could I resist? And Maple Creek Soapwork's newly listed "Midnight Rain Bathing Bubbles" look like the perfect way to soothe sore gardening muscles.

I included this cute little wool pouch by WooldeBeast and these gorgeous blue Belgian cannisters from El Emporio because they'd be perfect for storing my harvested seeds and seed packets. I often use rocks and beach glass to decorate my pots and these beautiful blue shards of sea glass from willowblacklab would be perfect. I love blue!

The highball glasses from Collectique and the coasters from KnottedNest are, of course, a nod to my preferred method of relaxation and enjoyment of my garden. I like nothing more than to sit out on the balcony at the end of the day and have a nice drink. I also enjoy keeping a journal and this eggplant design one from Farren Square would be perfect to use in one's garden! Our neighborhood can get noisy in the summertime, so from time to time I like to drown the noise out with my ipod, and of course every ipod needs a great cover. I can also see myself as I sit and journal or sipping on a cold drink dressed in this tank top from Refind Vintage and this stunning upcycled skirt by Pondhopper.

And finally, not only would I like to wear this beautiful ladybug necklace by The Sage's Cupboard, but what gardener doesn't welcome the cute and extremely useful ladybug into their garden?


Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

I love the way you explained your treasury! It's so wonderful the way your are passing along your gardening tradition to your child, too. I enjoyed this post!

The Art of Zen.......Crochet said...

Great Post Molly! So nice to involve your son and let him help! You have some lovely space.

soapstar said...

what a wonderful post, Molly - LOVED reading this, those pics are SO cute. Your gardening skills are to be envied ☺

Andrea said...

What a fantastic post...very enjoyable read and loved all the photos!

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