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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seasons change...

Although as a Canadian, the weather is ever-present in my life, I was inspired to do a feature about our experience of autumn after reading today's Scoutie Girl post. Living in the Northeastern part of Canada, autumn comes early here...even earlier than many other spots on the North American continent. Days have been getting shorter for awhile now, it gets dark much more quickly, and frost is on the ground most mornings. Luckily, it hasn't snowed yet! Normally, it rains more and the light changes, it becomes flatter. This fall in particular since we're so close to the coast we've also been treated to the somewhat spent high winds from two hurricanes - so's hoping we're done with that!

As an active, sporty family we spend time out-of-doors regardless of the season, yet note the changes, and dress accordingly.
*Some* of us like to dress in outgrown clothes from the previous season. I refuse to reveal the amount of boots and coats residing in the house along with the three of us. It's embarrassing. Did I mention we sometimes have to outfit the American grandparents when they visit? Yeah, that's my excuse...

And yet, though we bundle up in the mornings when it's a mere 7°C, we find that we strip off layer after layer in the afternoon as the sun breaks through and warms everything up.
A Canadian fall is changeable, and the people know to change with it. And we cling to our outdoor cafés like a lifeboat!

Although this unfortunately means that both summer and winter clothes are out at the same time - and in a small big-city dwelling, this is a big deal,
we just don't have the space - it also means that we get the best of both worlds. Cool temperatures for sleeping, and lovely warm, but not too warm weather for playing.

Although, I expect that my husband will begin to make noises about putting the snow tires on the cars in the next week or so, I doubt we'll be skiing before December, and that we'll have plenty of days
to get in lots of long bike rides as a family. Which are MUCH more pleasureable now that the 100% humidity and 30°C+ weather has ended. We may even get in an end-of-season visit to our favorite semi-local desitination, Tadoussac, QC.

We've never brought the little bear there, but I think that he might be ready this year. Now that he's 3 he's listening much better, holding hands, and much less inclined to go running off a rock cliff into the 150 ft. deep water of the St. Lawrence. We're also planning on taking him apple-picking this year for the first time.

Honestly, fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I hate to sweat and I hate to be cold. I like wearing cute coats and fun accessories, rather than the functional keep-out-the-subzero-temps fashion that I sport during a Quebec winter. And it's a much happier time than spring as everything is melting then.

So, we're all looking forward to fall, now that it's officially here. Our local farmer's market changes its wares to reflect the season and we're now leaving watermelons and corn behind for squash and pumpkins. It's time for lovely, spicy soups and warm comfort food. Our freezer is ready for Pumpkin Spice Soup, Shepherd's Pie, and Tourtière. And I've promised my husband to learn to make Tarte au Sucre this year, so that will be joining the peach, cherry, and blueberry pies in our stash. With our weather, it's best to be prepared!

So, goodbye to summer, and Bon automne!!!


Janet said...

It does seem like autumn has arrived early in our part of Ontario as well. I love living in a place where we have four seasons. There is so much to experience and enjoy and it sounds like you like it too.

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

I love your wonderful descriptions. Sounds so fimiliar to what we're experiencing here in north central BC. I just wish it was a longer season. I start feeling a bit panicked as I try to collect the fibre I need for my winter papermaking.

joanniel creations said...

I also like to accessorize and look pretty. Hard to do when you're covered from head to toe. lol. I'm not crazy about Winter but I definitely prefer it over heat wave filled Summers. Basically, Fall is my favorite season. It doesn't hurt that my birthday's in October, but I really love the color of the leaves in Fall. And I love to wear boots rather than shoes.

Mortira said...

I'm with you! Fall is the very best for weather, and for food. Are you going to share a Tourtière recipe? If you also know how to make the red sauce to go with, I'll do backflips. Hooray for pie season!

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