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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beach stone treasures

So, my last post was about driftwood. It seems fitting that this one should be about beach stones. While oceanside beach dwellers and vacationers are accustomed to collecting shells, those of us that frequent inland lakes - especially the Great Lakes - have a habit of picking up beach stones. Those smooth, flattened rocks that have been tumbled by nature's tumbler - the Lake.

I grew up just a stone's throw from Lake Michigan, and continue to return there each year. My great-grandfather captained a number of Lower Lakers, the slang term given to freighters that ply the Lower Great Lakes and St. Lawrence, and I spent my summers, and part of my falls, sailing and swimming in the Big Lake. In fact, I'm proud to say that I've gone swimming in ALL FIVE Great Lakes. Some in very chilly weather!

While I've been collecting beach stones, driftwood, glass, and other things from the beaches for years,I only recently started , to display them in old-fashioned blue-hued Mason Jars. I got the idea from an article in Martha Stewart Living way back in '03, of all places - I preserve sand as well and I label each jar with the origin of its contents - I find that it makes a nice display in our den.

I've also started to use beach stones in my Etsy creations. Some are sandstone, some are limestone, and some aren't identifiable past their main type: igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary. And that's with a geologist husband!

And some are Petoskey stones. That coral fossil rock peculiar to Michigan. The state stone. And the elusive beach treasure for countless children who comb Lake Michigan's northern beaches.

Some of my beach stones are stones that I found myself over the years. Some were found by my husband, son,
or mom and given to me. And some have been found by my super supportive Dad who lives lakeside, and who's been sent on a mission to find more! In any case, they're beautiful, unique, and certainly a statement for anyone who wears them.

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bstudio: silk ribbon embroidery for you & your home said...

What a fabulous collection! I love those Petoskey stones!
I have a sand collection from my travels too.

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