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Friday, October 1, 2010

Where it all began

I've been meaning to post on this subject for awhile, but just hadn't gotten around to it. But today seems like the perfect day. So, where and when did my jewelry obsession begin? Many, many years ago when I was a very little girl. One of my favorite pasttimes was to play in my mom's and grandma's jewelry drawers, and to dress up in their many sparkly treasures.

I also enjoyed trying on their clothes and shoes, and accessorizing with purses. I had some jewelry of my own too...though it looks like I swiped my Dad's school ID in the last one in this grouping!

It's fitting that I should talk about how influenced I was by my grandma's love of jewelry and all things fashion because today would have been her birthday. Although she passed away five years ago after a long and rich life, I still think of her frequently and I miss her tremendously. We were very similar in personality, and always extremely close.

I always knew her only as Babe, a nickname she'd been given in childhood by her older sisters. It was such fun calling out to her in a store and seeing the shocked looks of other shoppers when my sweet looking grandma answered.

Grandma Babe took care of me frequently, and we spent a lot of time together antiquing, going to auctions and estate sales, and eating out at her favorite restaurant, Fables. She taught me to do lots of different handicrafts and made dress up clothes and costumes for me to play in. She made me toy bears and dolls that I have to this day. I even had my very own bedroom at my grandparents' house with beautiful, thick pink shag carpeting. What can I say, it was the 70's.

Here she is looking quite elegant long before I was born, probably before or after a special evening out with my grandpa.

And here she is holding a very little me, and a slightly bigger me:

I also learned many of my cooking skills from her and always enjoyed helping out in the kitchen. When my cousin and I weren't trying to eat all the olives that is ☺
This is the Thanksgiving that I got all artsy with black and white film.

Here we are all decked out in some of the first pieces of jewelry that I made, though they're quite difficult to see in this picture:

And here is how I always think of her. Dressed in bright colors, nails and hair done, and wearing lots of jewelry. With a bow in her hair from whatever gift she'd opened. And there were always lots of gifts because she was so well loved. She was never one to draw much attention to herself in public, but among family and friends she was silly and the first to poke fun at herself. And always, without fail, any celebration with Babe included Manhattans, and wrapping paper bows as personal adornments.


jensdreamdecor said...

What a lovely story lbm, I have almost the same memories of my grandma, playing in her jewel box and her closet. Really fun to remember those times!

Steph said...

Wonderful way to cherish the memories you have! Very touching post ... thanks for sharing!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

What a beautiful blog post... and I had a great laugh at you calling your Grandma Babe... I have a story about that too. When my son started dating his wife she always called him Babe and she had 3 small neices around all the time.. One day they were shopping with the girls and one could not see him./. she screamed Babe where are you and he came around the corner the same time as an elderly lady.. she was quite outraged when he answered the little I am.

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