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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New products at Little Bear's Mom Jewelry shops

I've got some exciting news regarding new products in both my Etsy and Artfire shops! Finally, I am introducing some new product lines. In my Artfire shop these are primarily vintage look brooches and more hairpins, and my Etsy shop will see new styles of bracelets and earrings in the upcoming months.

Here's a look at the antique style brooches made from vintage components coming to my Artfire shop. They are similar to some of my previously listed vintage style rings, some of which come in matching sets:

The new products in my Etsy shop are a bit more complicated as they are entirely new endeavors for me. First off, because of my mom's limited hand and wrist movement, I've been inspired to create some bracelets that don't involve clasps. Opening and closing fiddly clasps is difficult at the best of times, but if you have any sort of physical limitation like my mom, aunt, and several of my friends, it's near to impossible. So, I've started designing bracelets that are stretchy. Intended to be fitted right over the hand, these are much easier in terms of on and off. Right now I've only got two types in the works, but I am on the hunt for more ways to bring beautiful accessories to everyone.

Here are some photos of what LittleBearsMom's grandmother (aka: my mom) received for Mother's Day this year:

Bracelets similar to this one will be appearing in my shop soon.

I've also got sparkly, stretchy cha-cha style bracelets in the works, and they will appear in multiple colors. Here is an example of one that I'm presently working on made out of clear glass and iridescent crystal beads:

I'll admit that attaching all those beads is taking me a bit longer than I'd projected!

I had a bracelet like this back in highschool when vintage was the height of cool...or maybe that was just was at my geeky midwestern school!
In any case, I've been interested in replicating it ever since.
With everything from my coming-of-age years resurfacing as stylish and hip, I thought this might be the time to design, or redesign, a few of these bangles and other sparkly accessories. Especially since Etsy defines...redefines?..."vintage" as 20 years or older...ouch!

Oh, I still have, and wear, the original, which is shown above :)

And the other new groundbreaking product for my Etsy shop? OK, I'll be honest, it's not groundbreaking, it's just really, really interesting ☺ I have started creating hoop earrings for unpierced ears!
Adding to my collection of clip-on and screwback earrings for those with nonpierced ears, these wire wrapped gemstone hoops are comfortable and stylish. I know, I took a pair for a test drive for a day ☺
(Don't worry, I will not be selling that trial pair in my shop for hygenic reasons.) Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, the first pair I listed sold within a day of their listing, so the earrings in the included images are no longer available! But I am working hard to produce more, similiar pairs in both gold and silver plated styles and a variety of diameters.

My other exciting news is that one of my new spring rings was featured on this absolutely gorgeous blog by therikrakstudio If only my own blog could be so beautiful...I've got a ways to go, I think.

And my work has been featured in some absolutely stunning are a few:

Clockwise they are: "Dark Blueberry...Blueberry Blue!!!" by Suza, "Spring is Born - OCT Challenge" by TheSilverBobbin, "Morning Dew" by EcoShag, and "Vanilla Sighs" by Clonehardware. As always, thank you to all the creative and generous people who've included my work in their lovely treasuries!

And I have one more announcement...I've been able to slightly lower the shipping charges on some of my items! I've been experimenting with different packaging in order to see if I can safely get my items under Canada Post's prohibitive 2cm height allowance for Lettermail and Light Packet, and I think I've succeeded. After discovering that a pair of earrings shipped in a layer of bubble wrap and a padded mailer broke ☹ , I was able to find some super small boxes which, when inserted into an organza bag, carefully protect my items allowing them to arrive at the customer's home in perfect condition. This method doesn't allow me to use padded mailers as the box alone is 18mm, so thanks to my OhCanadaTeam colleague,Joannie, I've adopted a method of taping a grid pattern over a regular manilla envelope with packing tape which prevents the sharp corners of the box from poking a hole in the envelope and slipping out. Here are some pictures to illustrate:

Larger items that don't fit into the small boxes will still be shipped either Small Packet or Expedited Parcel in a square jewelry box, tied with a ribbon, inside a padded mailer.

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bstudio said...

What a pretty set you made for your Mom!
I love those new stretchy bracelets!

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