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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall News 2011

Hello everyone! Long time no see...which is obviously my fault since I haven't written anything in a while. I've finally got some news to share that's worthy to print. I'm back from our wonderful Michigan summer vacation and not only are we now fully unpacked, but I've got a ton of beach stones and Petoskey stones to turn into gorgeous jewelry for my shop ☺ I'm also refreshed and full of inspiration for the Fall season.

We ate well, partaking of delicious local offerings, caught up with friends and family, took lots of long walks on the beach, and spent a lot of time just enjoying our gorgeous natural surroundings.

We also foraged for beach stones and treasures!

Back in my shop this autumn are Petoskey stud/post style earrings, and beach stone and Petoskey stone rings, as well as Petoskey stone and beach stone braclets.

Over the summer I used some of my Etsy profits to buy a Dremel drill as well as a rock tumbler so expect to see new items in my shop. It's been frustrating to me when I have ideas that I'm unable to carry out because I don't have the proper tools. So, I'm incredibly excited to start using both of them.

It's been a bit of a learning experience including trying to keep the little bear away from both! For some reason he thinks that anything that arrives at this house in a box is his.

I thought this a fitting weekend to write this post as we're having gorgeous end-of-summer-like weather here in Montreal, yet we've also had our first taste of the cold winter to come. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope it's a good one ☺ I'm excited to share more of the responsibilities of preparing our special dinner with my little bear (broadly stated!), and to get out and enjoy the last vestiges of summer.

Check out the sale in my Etsy shop! In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving, everything has been temporarily marked down.


The Art of Zen.......Crochet said...

So excited to see some of your new stuff. I love also how you finding some of your stone right at the source! They are stunning.

Andrea said...

I adore that bracelet! I have a bunch of beach glass that I want to do something similar with. I have some tumbled shell that I collect years ago, that would also make for some very interesting jewelry.

Vitrine said...

those bracelets are just GORGEOUS Molly!

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